Cheeky hacks for working from home

Working from home is a nightmare, let’s admit it. At least for the first few months! But now, when cocooning is becoming a social norm, you may need to get smart on how to get used to remote work. I invite you to employ your imagination and create cheerful habits for working from home.

Commute around the house

Think for a moment how you used to work 2 months ago? Chances are you were driving to your workplace and commuting back home. Daily.

Now, you are forced to change. No driving. Stay inside all day. But wait, you can hack your mind and pretend some things stay the same! Here’s how.

When you’re up and ready to go to work, go on and do it. I mean it! Take your keys. Walk out the door. Head to your car. Now, drive in circles in your driveway! Look at you. You have arrived!

Tip: If you have a back door, use it to enter your new workspace. If the car was broken today, just walk around the house 5 times!

Up next: Your team meeting.

Pretending you have a meeting

Morning coffee with your colleagues and a joyful small talk is so far away now. Keep it going! Just trick your mind again. Your colleagues are now having the faces of your family members or flatmates. But hey, that’s okay!

Pour orange juices for your housemates and introduce 5 minutes “stand up meeting”. Like comedians stand up to tell a joke, with the same mood in your heart, encourage your new colleagues to “stand up”. 

Take the lead and go first. I have a script for you prepared. Say out loud, “what I worked yesterday was this”, “today my main task is this” and “I have a challenge with this”. Of course, include real things instead of “this”, “this”, “this”! For example, “what I worked on yesterday was “setting up a Zoom video tool for client calls”, “today my main task is to call five of my clients” and “my challenge today is a peaceful time to do the calls”.

Now, open up for feedback from your audience. If you have a family, let the kids and your partner suggest how you can conquer your challenge. Kids may say “put the sticky note on the door with a drawing of “-” and we will stay away all day!” and your partner may say “there’s an app that removes the background noise from video calls, try that!”. If you live with friends, watch out for tips like “let’s make a living room a silent co-working space!”

See what’s happening here? You are getting your productivity back while working from home!

Lastly, give a voice for your housemates and ask them to follow your lead. If you have kids, you may hear “yesterday I was collecting plants in the garden for my biology project”, “today my task is to figure out how fast plants grow, so I’m planting a seed into a tiny pot” and “my challenge is – I don’t have a pot!”. Home-based learning is sorted. Great!

When all the house is full of creativity and tiny projects, work from home unites and energises.

After work socialising.. at home!

Congratulations! You are done with work today. Well, it’s time for a social hour. Remember your “home team” here again. Throw in a mini party with a dinner challenge “who will cook a meal most creatively, meaning delicious and fast”. Have a good time together with your loved ones. Remember to put some music on! Check out Instagram and YouTube for daily live music shows.

Now, I leave you to socialise after work. Remember to practise the steps for 30 days. It becomes a habit!

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