What makes a good website?

If you’re looking to get a website for your business, you may be wondering, what makes a good website. This article will give you a big picture on what to think about when working on your business website.

Brand Voice

As weird as it may sound, the number one ingredient for a good website hides in feelings. Yes, that’s right, exploring feelings is a number one question to ask yourself when working on your website. Seriously! Just give it a try and ask yourself now: “How does my website make people feel?” Go on, go for a walk and chew this question!

When you’re back from your walk, let’s look at examples. At Kokono, when we were redesigning our company website, we knew we need a redesign because the emotion behind the brand has changed. When Kokono started in 2020, the emotion our brand wanted to spark in people was “transformation, change, evolution”, while in 2021, when Ruta and Malu teamed up, the team dynamics shaped the brand and now our core brand feeling is “quiet, easy, caring, nice”.

Thinking about brand feelings is important part of your brand discovery journey. The emotion you choose will inform your brand tone. Moreover, when you explore brand colours and fonts with your web designer or website texts and images, the answers will come more naturally, if you have paused to explore a simple question of “how does my website make people feel?”

Now, as we have covered the first ingredient for website essentials, let’s move onto the next one.

Website Message

The second ingredient for a good website is the overall message that website is sending people. Let’s do it again and go for a walk! When you are on your break, ask yourself: “What do people remember after visiting my website?”

For example, in Kokono case, we want people to remember that we’re nice techies. So, our message sounds like this: “After a solo business owner leaves our website, they will remember that Kokono is a friend for all things online”.

As you see, in our message you can spot a hint about our target customer (solo business owners) and our value proposition (friendly web design).

Using a metaphor for a brand makes it easy to clarify in your head of what your website should be communicating. In Kokono case we love a metaphor of a “friend”.

Overall, having a message statement helps to make a point when designing your business website. Let’s go back to our example. So, if a website is like a friend, then it must be easy to contact them and it must have a friendly tone in the website texts.

Now, it’s your turn! What do people remember after visiting your website?

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