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if you have a website...

Redesign package

Redesign services are perfect for business owners who have a website, but who feel that something is missing in their current website. If that feels like you, read on. Perhaps your online presence doesn’t connect with your authenticity or you want to be “to the point” or even start accepting payments online. Well, Redesign services are a perfect fit here.

Website Assessment

Choose a Website Assessment when you need to get a checklist of how your website is doing now. How is the User Experience and Search Engine Optimisation? But relax, you don’t need to dig into web designers jargon. We will do your website assessment and present you with a .PDF document that you can understand.

Brand Guidelines

Ready to discover your authenticity in business? Let’s create a brand for you. Not just a logo, but unique fonts and colour palette that relate to your business values.

Redesign Plan

When brand is ready, let’s create a visual document (.PDF, .JPEG, .PNG and Adobe XD) that showcases exactly how your website will look like before the web development journey has even started. This way, you can gain confidence in your new look and feel, before committing a website make-over!

Website Redesign and Ecommerce (optional)

Now, it’s development time. Your website gets a new shape but is always on brand. Adding payments and shopping cart is easy.

Website Training

When the design is completed and your rebranded website is live, sit down and enjoy seeing how easy is to update your brand new website. Our screen-share tutorials are not only to the point but also a fun place to explore all things technology!

if you need a website with no brand...

Simple website for business

Simple website is the best for business owners who have branding done elsewhere or who will get branding done later.

Website Consultation

First, let’s get to know your website needs, target audience and get clear on what features your website will have.

Website Design

Now, your website comes to life.

Website Training

Lastly, connect for a video screen-share lesson to see how easy is to update your website.

if you want to do it yourself...

DIY website lessons for business owners

WordPress lessons are an ideal solution for business owners, freelancers, consultants, startup founders who are keen to update their websites themselves. So, let’s begin. We will connect for  screen-share video calls on Zoom and show you exactly where to click to update your website. And yes of course we will record our session and email it to you straight after the call, so that you can practise your web editing skills!

WordPress lessons for your existing website

If you created your first business website by yourself, well, congratulations! Well done. It take a lot of patience to navigate the WordPress universe on your own. Now, it’s time to boost your WordPress skills with expert shortcuts!

Creating your website from zero

If you’re just getting started with web design, welcome. We love explaining web jargon for beginners and having fun along the way.

The best option for learning to make WordPress websites from zero is to book a clarity call to discuss your learning path and to request a package price. This way we will match your learning goals, budget and timelines to boost your digital skills!

Let's talk?

No question is too basic. Let’s have a conversation and answer all your questions about websites for small business.

What business owners say about us..

FAQs about Websites


Yes! This is our first step indeed. During our first consultation, we’ll talk about how unique your business is, your target customers and how to present your business on your website.


Yes, of course. Our websites are all devices-friendly. Moreover, we will show you how it works if you like. When editing your website, you will see how each page is looking on computer, mobile and tablet before publishing updates because your website will be made with a visual page builder Elementor that gives previews of pages when you’re editing it.


Yes. Your website will be visual, mobile, fast and have a clear website structure with all pages and photos optimised for keywords that matter to your business. Also we will get your business a “Google My Business” profile that boosts your business presence online in as little time as 1-3 weeks.


100%. We recommend SiteGround hosting that has an extra security layer for WordPress websites with its dedicated ST Security plugin and a free SSL certificate (adds a green lock to your website! and looks like “https” instead of just “http”).


Yes. Your website will be on WordPress CMS and made with a visual page builder Elementor, which makes it easy to update your website with a modern “drag and drop” flow and blocks of reusable elements. Moreover, after our time together, we will have a dedicated time for web training for you, so that you learn web editing skills!

Online Shops

When your customer makes a payment on your online shop, the payment goes to Stripe or PayPal for Business and then to your business bank account. We can set up both accounts for you and make sure everything works smoothly.

Online Courses

Happy to help. In fact, we are experienced in both, setting up elearning systems for clients but also co-creating course materials (course outlines and branded training slides). Just reach out to discuss your course idea and we’ll be happy to help!


WordPress and Elementor, which makes it easy to update your website with a “drag and drop” flow.
WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world for websites. It offer a modular approach to web development. Whenever you need an additional functionality on your website, it’s fast to get it done with plugins. Also, WordPress comes with a blog which is still one of the main channels for online marketing (a blog ensures your website is always getting fresh content and this way it boosts SEO).
Woocommerce, Stripe, PayPal connected to WordPress.
LearnDash, Woocommerce, Stripe, PayPal connected to WordPress.


We offer two ways of working. If you’re in a hurry, yes, we can launch your branded website fast, in 1 or 2 weeks.

But our clients stories show that it’s easier to launch branded websites if we work together for 6-12 weeks to ensure we have time to hear you and make the process as smooth as possible.

It depends on which service you choose. Although in web design process you will be needed to connect with your web designers for this amount of time:

  1. Planning Stage: When service starts, connect with us for 1-2 hours consultation time:
    • First consultation is about our Project Plan when we discuss your  our website project scope, website goals, your target audience
    • Sharing your passwords (web hosting and WordPress if you have it setup) and sharing bank details if you need an ecommerce addon
  2. Creating Stage: Allocate time for brand discovery sessions and brand revisions:
    • Connect with us for 2-3 hours consultation time for Brand Guidelines service. We will discuss your inspirations and needs for a logo, colours, fonts, all connected to your business values
    • 2 revisions of your completed brand guidelines document
    • Allocate yourself a dedicated time to provide website texts or to work with a copywriter (which we can recommend)
  3. Website Approval Stage:
    • 2 revisions of Website Layout Plan where you will see your website layout with a brand identity and website texts in a visual document, before the web development has started
    • 2 revisions of completed live website
  4. Training stage: 2 hours of training on how you can update your website
  5. Completion stage: Allocate yourself time to make the payments to us and fill out forms if you’re in TOV programme (Ireland)



Yes of course. We are always available for a free clarity call.

Moreover, when our collaboration starts our website project is visually mapped in Trello online project management app. That gives an idea of where in the journey we are.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being human. Both of us we are experienced in facilitation and holding space, so whenever you feel like a need to talk, just call us and we will hear all your worries and help to calm down.


Bank transfer to:

  • KOKONO Limited
  • IBAN: IE08AIBK93104778459188
  • sort code: 931047
  • account number: 78459188


50% of quoted fee when the service starts and 50% when the service is completed

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