Trading online voucher explained

Local businesses in Ireland can use a Trading Online Voucher to start trading online from their business website.

Trading Online Voucher is a €2500 grant for ecommerce projects from Irish government. If you need a TOV quote, happy to help you.

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Ecommerce Website

When you’re ready to collect payments from customers for your consultations or sell physical products on your website, an ecommerce website is what you need. This is also called an online shop and an online store. Professional and secure. Easy to update. Web training included.

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Online Courses

Selling online courses from your website is a great way to profit from your expertise. We guide business owners through all steps of selling an online course from their website, from course structure planning, course materials development to an elearning system setup and videos editing.

What to expect - Trading Online Voucher steps

Free Consultation on Zoom or Whatsapp

Let's discuss your online business needs over a friendly call. No commitment! Just a friendly chat about what's possible with websites.

Proposal with Pricing

Now, let's talk about money. Expect a clear price list with the essential website and branding milestones that will help you reach business goals.

Project: Collaborative Web Design

This is our time together. Your authentic website comes to life through collaborative sessions on Miro, our designing time and feedback loops.

Training Sessions

Now, skills-share time. We'll connect on Zoom video call, share a screen and show you exactly where to click to update your brand new website in steps.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions about TOV from business owners like you and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns about your Trading Online Voucher application please feel free to contact us.

Start Here

Government in Ireland gives website grants for small businesses. If you want an online shop, bookings for your services, online courses sold on your website or to boost your online marketing, you can get up to 50% of €5000 (€2500 is a max) for your web project covered while co-funding it with a Local Enterprise Office.

If you spend €2500, you get €1250 back. If you spend €3500, you get €1750 back, spend €5000, get €2500 back.

First, contact your Local Enterprise Office. They will give you the dates for attending an online call (so-called webinar) and an online application to fill out. You will need 3 quotes from web developers to attach to your application.
Go to a Local Enterprise Office official website that has all recent information about a Trading Online Voucher programme for local businesses.


Search for web developers on Google and email them asking for an ecommerce website quote. If you attach a list of what needs to be done on your website and a deadline, you will get a more specific quote faster. If not sure of what you need, give a web developer a call to clarify your needs.

Think about a website project quote as a checklist of what needs to be done on your website to help your business improve online trading.

But before asking for a quote, think about your business situation right now and where you would like to be instead. Reflect on your goals. What kind of customers would you like to serve? How many and when? How would you like to sell to them? And what kind of products? Maybe some new products and services? Where are your customers physically and online? What could be interesting ways to reach them? How’s your business different and appealing to your customers?

And here’s where your website comes in. A website is just a tool to help you reach business goals. If you reflect on your goals, then a web developer will help you get web tools together to reach those goals.

Look out for a helpful advice and clear answers from your web developer. Check out their previous work. Ask about web training and recorded lessons on how to update your website afterwards.

All websites have common features like a clear navigation, fast loading, being all devices friendly, SEO friendly design, etc. But you may need website features specific to your business, for example, you may want to sell online courses and not physical products; or to have a gallery on your website or an Instagram feed. Talk to your web developer to explore what kind of website is best for you.


  1. Attend a webinar with Local Enterprise Office (LEO)
  2. Fill out an online application and submit 3 quotes from your web developers.
  3. If you get a yes from LEO, you choose one web developer to do your web project. Their quote works like a checklist of what needs to be done. It’s common to pay 50% deposit when the service begins. When all items from the quote are completed, you make the final payment to your web developer. You get a receipt.
  4. You bring this receipt to LEO. They ask you to fill out one more form.
  5. You get what you spent back from LEO.
LEO’s are strict here. Your project must be completed in 4-6 months. Just check a local LEO for correct timelines.

We offer two ways of working. If you’re in a hurry, yes, we can launch your branded website fast, in 1 or 2 weeks.

But our clients stories show that it’s easier to launch branded websites if we work together for 6-12 weeks to ensure we have time to hear you and make the process as smooth as possible.

It depends on which service you choose. Although in web design process you will be needed to connect with your web designers for this amount of time:

  1. Planning Stage: When service starts, connect with us for 1-2 hours consultation time:
    • First consultation is about our Project Plan when we discuss your  our website project scope, website goals, your target audience
    • Sharing your passwords (web hosting and WordPress if you have it setup) and sharing bank details if you need an ecommerce addon
  2. Creating Stage: Allocate time for brand discovery sessions and brand revisions:
    • Connect with us for 2-3 hours consultation time for Brand Guidelines service. We will discuss your inspirations and needs for a logo, colours, fonts, all connected to your business values
    • 2 revisions of your completed brand guidelines document
    • Allocate yourself a dedicated time to provide website texts or to work with a copywriter (which we can recommend)
  3. Website Approval Stage:
    • 2 revisions of Website Layout Plan where you will see your website layout with a brand identity and website texts in a visual document, before the web development has started
    • 2 revisions of completed live website
  4. Training stage: 2 hours of training on how you can update your website
  5. Completion stage: Allocate yourself time to make the payments to us and fill out forms if you’re in TOV programme (Ireland)
Have a phone call with a web developer when asking for a quote. Have a video call when starting a project. In your emails, use bullet points (web developers are rational people :). When you’re not sure about something, simply ask a web developer to clarify it for you and to explain things simpler. Have weekly video calls to checkin on the progress. Use your quote for guidance on what needs to be done to finalise the project. Stay friendly and human, and your project will go great.


Read more about tools we’ll use to create your business website on our Web Design page.

"I worked with Kokono when completed my Trading Online Voucher project in 2021. This was a very rewarding but often challenging project and throughout I felt very lucky that I was being guided and supported by Ruta. She connected with me as a client and as a person. She really showed an interest in how specifically I worked best and the unique message I had to bring to the world through my website and my work. This made working with Ruta fun and easy. I always felt comfortable sharing ideas with her. Building my website and Online course in collaboration with Kokono was a great experience. She is professional, creative and supportive. She takes action decisively and helps to make the process of building a website seemless. She went the extra mile to support me in my project. I really appreciate all the help that I received from Ruta and am now very proud of my website. It is more vibrant, colourful, professional looking and most importantly it represents the message I wish to share with others. "

Brian Murphy,
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