How to friend technology as a business owner

This article reveals the easiest way to friend the most important technology for every business owner – your business website.

If you’re like most of small business owners, you want to know one thing. What are we selling? For how much?

But wait, now in the post-pandemic world, you’re not selling anymore. What if you could?

And here the magic of your website comes in. Just open your laptop. If your website is made with WordPress, just go to “Dashboard” and click on “Products”.

Now, expect your mind welcoming questions that boost your business like “Is my pricing right?”, “How much do my competitors charge for similar products?”, “What product range do I offer?”, “Could I offer better, more interesting products than the competition?” and so on. This is just an example of the insights you will come up with while browsing your site!

So, what questions did you discover when browsing your business website? Let us know!

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