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Helpful tips to support your journey of getting a business website and growing online

Making your first online course

Many business owners such as consultants, therapists and coaches are making online courses as part of their website offerings. But if you’re creating your first ever online course, the journey can be daunting. Worry, not!

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What makes a good website?

If you’re looking to get a website for your business, you may be wondering, what makes a good website. This article will give you a big picture on what to think about when working on

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Website jargon guide for beginners

Navigate online business while learning a web developer’s talk with this website jargon guide. Domain name is how your website is called Your website needs a name. Yes! That’s a “domain name”. Your domain name

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How to realise big dreams

Whatever dream you’re working towards, it’s easy to see how productivity drops when you take the first tiny steps. The tasks list seems to never end. If you know what I mean, today’s tip will

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Lazy path to business targets

Growing a business is such a rollercoaster. So many things to be done everyday until we see a meaningful result.  Here is a simple framework that help entrepreneurs decide on what to do everyday and

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