Business website questions answered

Business owners often ask us various questions before getting a website. So we decided to write a quick article about that. Hope this helps you to make a move for getting a website for your business too!

What technology my website will be made with?

Your business website will be designed with care on the most popular technology for business websites. This technology is called Moreover, our special recipe is to connect WordPress with a visual page builder Elementor, which makes it easy to update your website with a “drag and drop” flow.

By the way, in this post we use some web jargon, so be sure to check out our website guide for beginners.

If you want to accept payments on your website, we’ll connect your website with Woocommerce, Stripe and PayPal tools.

If you want to sell online courses, we’ll connect your business website with LearnDash, Woocommerce, Stripe and PayPal tools.

Lastly, your business website’s data will be stored on a professional web hosting called SiteGround, which comes with built-in tools for making your website faster and more secure.

Is WordPress a good choice for my business?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world for websites. It offers a lego-like approach to making websites. Whenever your business grows and needs an additional something on your website, it’s fast to realise your ideas with tiny programs called “plugins”.

Also, WordPress comes with a blog which contributes well to “search engine optimisation” (SEO). Getting found on Google is still one of the main channels for promoting your business online. Simply speaking, a blog ensures your website is always getting fresh content and this way your website can be found by potential customers looking for answers to their questions on Google before making a purchase from a business like yours.

Will I be able to login to my website?

Yes, of course. We ensure you learn how to update your website as part of our web training which ends each of our web projects successfully. Our clients say that our video lessons are “to the point” and a “great backup of steps to take on the website”.

Will my website work on mobile?

Yes. This is “responsive design”. Imagine this. Your website automatically changes its size to fit a screen size your customer is using to see your website. That’s a reality! Your website will be seen beautifully on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

By the way, we love sharing our secrets with clients! Thanks to our secret recipe of and a visual page builder Elementor, you can always check yourself how your website will look like on different devices. Relax, we will show you how easy is to use Elementor during our web training!

Will my website be secure?

Yes. We take website security seriously and professionally. We recommend SiteGround hosting who has 18 years in providing professional web hosting for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to SiteGround, your website will be secured with a free “SSL certificate” (adds that lock next to your domain name and a “https” instead of “http”) as well as website monitoring with a dedicated ST Security plugin. Another option is Sucuri security plugin. (By the way, all of our clients have this setup, so feel free to check their websites! Or maybe you know them? So ask what they say.)

Lastly, your contact forms on your professional business website will be secured with a reCAPTCHA from Google, so all spam blocked and your website is always secure.

Will my website be SEO-friendly?

Yes. We make websites for business following the best SEO practices informed by Google search guidelines like adding a sitemap to Search Console, setting up headlines hierarchy correctly, and so on. Oh and yes to meta descriptions and alt tags! Well, if you feel geeky to explore SEO in-depth with us, just book a website lesson.

But what about my business message on the website?

Imagine that we are not talking web developer’s language but also have a soft skill of designing unique brands? That’s true. We’re a multi-skilled team ready to listen to you and be your mirror. We’ll not only design your unique logo, choose website images, a colour palette and fonts that reflect your brand voice, but also map your brand essence together with your customer needs. How so? Marketing is at the core of what we do, too. We love great “user experience”.

Can you guide me step-by-step?

Yes. Relax. The way we make website designs for business is with clarity and care. Anytime throughout the journey you will a need for a pause, we will have a relaxing virtual coffee together!

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