Website lessons for business owners

Website lessons help business owners create new offers in minutes. Just follow our tutorials and click those buttons!

Change Texts

Let’s say you want to add new texts to your about page… Here to help! Changing website texts or adding new texts is easy with our website tutorials. We’ll show you all journey of accessing your website, finding the page you want to edit and updating the page with your new texts. 

Publish Articles

What if you started writing… Guess what, your website is the place where your opinions belong! We’re here to show you how to publish your existing articles (copy paste them from Word into your website), style them with photos or plan new articles based on your interests and people’s interests (informed by SEO tools).

Change Images

Let’s say you did a photoshoot and have got a bunch of new photos for your business. Super! Now, it’s time to get them online. During our video lesson, you’ll see how easy it’s to change images on your website. We’ll record the call for you, so that you can follow the steps on your own.

Add Products

What if you have new products or services lined up? Bring them all to your business website. During our ecommerce website tutorial, you’ll learn to showcase your offers on your website. From adding new products to your website and editing existing products on your shop, to changing prices or photos, and even offering pricing options for your customers. Just follow our steps.

How business owners learn to update websites

Watch this short video to hear from our client Michelle sharing how happy she is after learning to update her WordPress website and online shop.

Why learn to update your business website with Kokono?

Repeat the Exact Steps

Simply rewatch our tutorials and click the same buttons. Just repeat the steps with confidence and see your updates live.

Remember Fun Examples

We love using the power of storytelling to guide you through website steps and make your website updates a habit.

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