Co-creating your brand universe, together

Discover the essence of who your brand is through experiencial sessions on Zoom and Miro. We’ll translate your business purpose into visuals and ensure that you reach customers with a story.

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What is branding?

Everything you need to get a unique brand and experiencial video sessions helping you to discover your authentic voice.

How we help You:

How we create brands at Kokono, together with you

Collaborative and Insightful

If you’re... unsure how to describe your business.

We work like a mirror. We host video calls that help to understand your customer, uncover your brand messaging and map your website. Making the point, together.

How: Zoom screen-share, Miro, dialogue

Visionary, yet Practical

If you’re… unsure about what you need.

We’ll showcase examples of professional websites and walk you through clear steps on how modern websites are updated in a real-time. Getting on the same page.

How: Zoom screen-share, dialogue

What clients say?

“I can’t express how much I love my website that I upgraded last year with This was such an important project for me to able to reflect my self health work as authentically as possible not just through words but visually too. A massive thank you to Ruta and Malu who put in so much work, love and attention into this. I highly recommend them them to anyone looking to start or upgrade their website.”
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