About Kokono

Kokono was born with a purpose to help people friend creativity and technology for business…

Once upon a time in West Cork, Ruta was walking in the forest, just after she has left a busy 8-year-long rollercoaster in tech startups scene in Dublin. “A safe space”, Ruta felt something in her heart. The Kokono name was born.

Since 2019, Kokono helps local business owners with websites and web training.

But wait. The story doesn’t end here! Ruta met her business partner Malu in ecology programme. Bonded through a care for environment and passion for play, a multicultural team was born.

Since 2021, Kokono helps business owners with a complete journey of branded websites.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an entrepreneur who shares a sense of curiosity and love for nature? If so, a warm welcome!

Our Team

Hey there! This is us, Ruta and Malu, creative explorers of all things digital, yet soft humans who love sharing know-how and listening to your entrepreneurial stories!


Web Developer, Marketer

I believe each business is like a brainchild. But it needs a home! A beautiful home. I’m inspired by entrepreneurial stories and am quick to make the point. Also, I love sharing web steps with comprehensive tutorials!


Visual Designer, Illustrator

I believe design is like a bridge between a business and its customers. Oh, and branding is not just a logo, it’s an entire universe for your business! I love listening to business owners and creating brands together.

Why choose Kokono as your web designers?

Caring about Your Success

Our client success is our success. We genuinely care about your business growth as if it would be our business. Making sure your website serves your customers well is our priority.

Fast Problem Solvers

We have background in high tech startups as well as launching passion projects often and fast. That's why we're quick to offer to-the-point solutions and options based on your budget.

Clear Communicators

Communication and synthesis is our fuel. Our approach is consultative, yet to-the-point. We love explaining things with practical examples and sharing our know-how through video tutorials.

Flexible and Multicultural

Your project will go as smoothy in English as well as Spanish and Lithuanian. We love bringing clarity, caring energy and efficiency to our client projects thanks to our multi-cultural background!

What business owners say about us..

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