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Welcome to Kokono website design studio. We’re Rūta and Malü, a multicultural design team dedicated to empower entrepreneurs with creative energy and beautiful websites.

A dedicated space to discover your business identity

We relate to how the journey of growing online can feel. We believe that growth sprouts from being heard and envisioning together. We are your team. Come join our online space, and we’ll guide you through a collaborative website design process. Stay with us, and together we’ll nurture an authentic online presence for your business, with clarity and care.

Oh, and did you know that our name has roots in Japanese, Lithuanian and Internet slang? The same word “kokono” means “here”, “safety” and “my friend.”

How we help entrepreneurs

Everything you need to get an authentic website and practical video calls helping to grow your business with online tools.

How we help You:

Hands holding a mobile and a payment card

How we create websites at Kokono, together with you

Collaborative and Insightful

If you’re... unsure how to describe your business.

We work like a mirror. We host video calls that help to understand your customer, uncover your brand messaging and map your website. Making the point, together.

How: Zoom screen-share, Miro, dialogue

Visionary, yet Practical

If you’re… unsure about what you need.

We’ll showcase examples of professional websites and walk you through clear steps on how modern websites are updated in a real-time. Getting on the same page.

How: Zoom screen-share, dialogue

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